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At JR Assessments we have extensive experience and knowledge in conducting a thorough and detailed Merton Compliant Age Assessment in conjunction with the guidance from the Association of Directors of Children Service (ADCS) Age Assessment guidelines.

All of our social workers are Health & Care Professions Council and Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) registered, and to date we have completed over 100+ Merton Compliant Age Assessments.

Numerous young people are coming to the UK seeking a better life. Many are coming to the UK fleeing war, humanitarian issues and persecution. By coming to the UK it enables the young person to have a better life by providing them with stability and security whilst promoting their educational and support needs.

Migration Routes

Migration Routes


Migrants come from all over the world. We at JR Assessments have helped people from various countries including Afghanistan, Algeria, Albania, Bangladesh, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Yemen and Vietnam.

We are specialists in helping councils to determine the appropriate services for unaccompanied asylum seeking young people. Thus ensuring that not only the needs of the young people are met, but also reducing the strain on council services and avoiding services being used ineffectively.

Since November 2015 JR Assessments have successfully completed more than 50 Independent Merton Age Assessments with numerous young people from different ethnic minorities / Countries, including the following:

Afghanistan: 11 - Albanian:1 - Angola:2 - Eritrea: 5 - Iran: 7 - Iraqi: 11 - Kuwait: 3 - Sudanese: 3 - Syrian:1 - Vietnamese: 9 - Zimbabwean: 1

pie chart showing age assessments


With the following conclusions regarding unaccompanied Asylum-seeking minors:

Accepted under the age of 16 8 young people were accepted
Accepted Age 16-18 24
Assessed Age 16-18 25
Assessed to be 18-20 9
Assessed to be 20+ 5
pie chart showing age assessment concusions